GTA Map Mod in Minecraft Pocket Edition

The GTA Map Mod in Minecraft Pocket Edition faithfully recreates the city of San Andreas within a desert landscape. Whether you want to play in survival mode or unleash your creativity in creative mode, the San Andreas map has got you covered.

Name of Mod GTA Map
Version(s) applicable 1.2.0 – 1.20.0
Category City Maps
Platform Android 


About GTA Map Mod in Minecraft Pocket Edition

GTA Map Mod in Minecraft Pocket Edition

A lot of Minecraft PE players are familiar with the story of the popular GTA game set in the city of San Andreas. It’s known for its chaotic nature and the freedom it offers for gameplay. Every player dreams of being in that legendary place, and the GTA map creators made it possible for them.

These locations in the map are meticulously designed, and experienced gamers can easily recognize the city’s landmarks. They seamlessly blend into the blocky world of Minecraft.

Interestingly, the San Andreas map is available for both survival and creative modes in the GTA Map Mod.

When players enter the city center, they start exploring the area in creative mode. Later on, they have the option to change their gameplay mode if they want.


The creator of the GTA map constructed their city within a desert in Minecraft PE. This add-on allows players to engage in multiplayer mode and organize team games.

The standout characteristic of the San Andreas map is its complete adherence to the original game. Players can spot landmarks such as the Los Santos River, the Vagos area, and the bustling business district within the city.

San Andreas appears stunning and inviting in Minecraft PE. The houses and buildings are accompanied by an appropriate landscape, and numerous green trees envelop the GTA city.


Within the realm of Minecraft PE, the territory of San Andreas is brimming with a multitude of buildings and captivating attractions. A significant portion of these structures are residential, offering players a sense of a bustling cityscape.

Interestingly, one of the houses in the map is an exact replica of the dwelling belonging to the main character of GTA, CJ. The developer meticulously recreated not only the exterior but also the interior of CJ’s house, ensuring an authentic experience.

Moreover, all the quintessential elements of a major city can be found within San Andreas in Minecraft PE. There are shops to explore, towering office buildings to admire, and even sports grounds for recreational activities.


In Minecraft PE, players can truly immerse themselves in the GTA atmosphere, and one of the key elements contributing to this is the extensive road network within the location. Numerous roads traverse the entire territory, including a lengthy highway, as well as a bridge spanning a dry river.

The presence of these roads creates opportunities for players to organize races and enjoy thrilling competitions with their friends. San Andreas offers ample space for such activities, ensuring an exciting experience for all participants.


Download the GTA Map Mod and venture into the blocky world of San Andreas. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of GTA, explore the meticulously crafted locations, and unleash your creativity in this unique Minecraft PE experience. Whether you’re a fan of GTA or simply seeking new adventures, the GTA Map Mod will bring excitement and endless possibilities to your Minecraft Pocket Edition.