Top 10 Games to Play With Family Without Anything

Looking for games to play with family without anything? Read this post.

Playing games with your family can help you build closer bonds. Everyone is joking around and enjoying their time together. You can still play games with your family without owning a gaming system, board games, or even a deck of cards. You can have a tonne of fun with just a few simple household goods and a creative spirit. 

In this post, you will find the top 10 games to play with family without anything.

Games to Play With Family Without Anything

A few things you have lying about your home can be used to play some amusing games. All you need is creativity and a sense of humour; nothing else is required.

1. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

All ages enjoy participating in treasure or scavenger hunts. The hints can be readily adjusted to be as easy or challenging as necessary. Additionally, it doesn’t matter what you conceal within your house. You may make use of anything, even a toothbrush and soup cans.

Whatever you hide is irrelevant as long as the hints take the treasure hunters to the next location. Remember to hide a “prize” for the winner. The prize could be whatever you desire.

2. Charades

Playing charades only requires a few pieces of paper and your imagination. It’s an easy game. Make two teams out of the family. On the pieces of paper, list several acts that the players can perform. Each team draws a slip of paper, and so on. The individual who sketches is the one who has to perform the writing. The team scores a point if their teammates correctly predict what will happen.

If you’d prefer to sketch instead of pantomime, you could adapt charades into a home-made version of Pictionary.

3. 21 Questions

21 Questions

To play 21 questions, all you need is your imagination—no household objects at all. Grab a pen and some paper if you want to keep track of your progress. The rules are flexible, so you can play in groups or alone. They may be adjusted to work best for your family.

Playing the game is simple. One person may focus on a certain item, person, or event. Then, as they try to figure out what the player is considering, the other players start asking questions. A point is awarded for that round to the player who correctly answers within the permitted 21 questions.

4. Dots and Boxes

In addition to being entertaining, the game also tests players’ cerebral abilities. There can be as few or as many as you choose, but you must have at least two. A large sheet of paper and a pen or marker is required. Start by drawing a broad grid of dots with the pen. To create a square, players must join the dots in lines.

In their turn, each player uses the pen to link two dots together. Someone initials a square after connecting it. The game is won by the player with the most squares. The size of the square and the number of participants affect how long the game lasts.

5. Marshmallow Catch

Marshmallow Catch

You don’t need anything else to play the game if you have cups and a bag of marshmallows at home. The group divides into two teams. The objective is to toss the marshmallows into the cups as many times as possible for each team.

Between the teams are put the cups. Each is equally spaced apart. Each player tries to fill a cup with marshmallows in turn. The winning team is the one with the most accurate tosses.

6. Spoon Race

To play the game, all you need are spoons and cotton balls. It will also work with mini marshmallows. As you finish the race, the object must be placed on the spoon while being kept from rolling off. When you first discover you are carrying the spoon in your mouth, it seems simple.

You must complete the pre-designed racetrack while keeping the spoon handle firmly clamped between your teeth and the ball from slipping off. You can make it as simple or difficult as you like. The game is a bit more interesting and enjoyable when at least one or two obstacles are present.

7. Balloon Pop

Balloon Pop

You practically have everything you need for a good game if you have bags of party balloons lying around the house. Look through your cabinets and pantry for any tiny treats you can tuck inside the balloons.

Inflate the balloons after you’ve placed the sweets inside of them. A balloon is selected by each family member, and the fun starts. Being the first to pop the balloon is the objective. The winner is decided by the way the balloon is popped. Everyone attempts to pop their balloon with their body weight while sitting on it. The contents of the balloon, as well as a unique gift, are won by the first individual to accomplish so.

8. Clothespin Pickup

It’s not necessary to use clothespins; chip holders and other kinds of clips can also be used. Coins, candy, and other items should be left lying around. Anything the hooks can pick up can be used. Players must use their clip to pick up as many items off the ground as they can in order to win the game. The game is won by the player who gathers the most items.

9. WHO AM I?

You only require a note card or piece of paper, and a pen, and it’s a fun game to play. Each participant jots down a renowned person’s name on their notepad. The other players must answer 20 questions while keeping the paper face down to determine which famous person they are.

10. Mail Call

Mail Call

You probably have a lot of chairs at home. To play the game, you only need that. Create a circle using the seats. One fewer than the number of players is what you want. The game begins with a mail call for anyone wearing blue, having children, or having visited every state. One participant stands in the centre of the circle while the other players select their chairs. Any participant to whom the announcement applies gets up and exchanges in the chair with another person for whom the mail call called for them to stand.

There are certain rules included in the game. The chair in question, as well as the one next to it, cannot be used again. During a mail call, the person in the middle is supposed to claim a chair, and the person who is left standing calls the next mail call. The game is won by the last person seated.


Playing games with your family can keep you entertained for hours. Additionally, you are not required to make any purchases. You should have all you need at home to play the games on this list of family activities that don’t require anything.

Whether it’s a balloon pop, a spoon race, or charades. The main objective is to enjoy ourselves and each other’s company.