Food Mods in Minecraft Pocket Edition

Due to the limited variety of food options in Minecraft PE, the creator of the Food Mod took it upon themselves to enhance the culinary experience by introducing an array of new options.

This mod introduces a delightful selection of snacks that will be instantly recognizable to players. They can now indulge in mouth-watering treats such as burgers, chips, toast, and even lollipops. For those with a taste for more adventurous dining, the menu expands to include exotic options like moose meat and even horse meat, catering to lovers of gourmet cuisine.

Name of Mod Food Mod
Version(s) applicable 1.9.0 – 1.19.83

1.17.30 – 1.19.83

Category Utility Mods
Platform Android 


Types of Food Mod 

Types of Food Mod 

Food mod is further categorized into two different mods, those are food addon and food plus.

Food Addon

This expansive culinary modification brings forth an impressive repertoire of meals, courtesy of a skilled virtual chef. Players will now have access to a vast selection of ingredients, enabling them to craft and enjoy a plethora of original and satisfying dishes for their characters.

Here is just a glimpse of the multitude of innovative features included in this mod:

  • Quench your hunger during long journeys with a convenient bag of fruit-flavored caramels.
  • Enhance the flavors of your creations with the addition of table salt.
  • Experience the joy of roasting marshmallows over a crackling fire.
  • Unleash the creamy richness of butter in your recipes.
  • Treat yourself to a tantalizing variety of over a dozen flavors of ice cream.
  • Enjoy the comforting goodness of creamy mashed potatoes.
  • Savor the mouthwatering combination of fried bacon and scrambled eggs.
  • For those with an adventurous palate, indulge in the exotic delicacy of horse meat.

Food Plus 

The Food Mod serves as an invaluable aid to Minecraft PE players in survival mode, offering a significant advantage in their quest for sustenance. With an impressive collection of snacks at their disposal, life within the game becomes noticeably easier. This extensive modification includes over 600 types of meals, it has everything from delightful baked goods to satisfying full-fledged dishes.


The Food Mod revolutionizes the culinary experience in Minecraft PE, providing players with an extensive range of delectable options to enhance their gameplay. With a wide selection of snacks, ingredients, and full-fledged meals, this modification adds depth and realism to the survival mode, making it easier for players to sustain themselves within the virtual world.