Flans Mod in Minecraft Pocket Edition

To expand the array of options for military equipment, weaponry, and gear, developers created the innovative Flans Mod. This comprehensive collection encompasses a range of military-themed add-ons, offering players an immersive experience like never before.

Within this mod, players are granted the extraordinary opportunity to unleash the sheer might of an array of vehicles, including cars, tanks, helicopters, and even submarines. Each vehicle boasts complete customization options, allowing for enhancements and upgrades through the utilization of specialized items.

Name of Mod Flans Mod
Version(s) applicable 1.13.0 – 1.19.83

1.16.0 – 1.19.83

Category Vehicle Mods
Platform Android 


About Flans Mods in Minecraft PE

Flans Mod

Flans mod is further categorized into two different mods, those are tanks and technic.


In this latest update of Flans Mod, players are granted the opportunity to master the art of commanding authentic tanks. With a total of four formidable tank variants to choose from, the developers have thoughtfully provided a comprehensive instruction book to aid players in their initial training.

For added convenience, players can simply enter the command “/function mwbt” to receive special items that facilitate swift repairs and upgrades for these mechanical beasts. Fuel is not required for their operation; players need only keep an eye on their ammunition stockpile.

Thanks to their unparalleled endurance and exceptional off-road capabilities, players can effortlessly traverse the vast landscapes of Minecraft PE in these formidable vehicles.


Expanding upon the military update for Flans Mod, this version introduces an even broader array of cutting-edge technology. Alongside the tanks, players gain access to highly maneuverable cars with superior off-road capabilities. The arsenal is further enriched with the inclusion of helicopters, submarines, and an assortment of other equipment.

The authors have also introduced a feature that enables players to keep track of ammunition levels, ensuring timely reloading of weapons. With these enhancements, the heroes of Minecraft PE can engage in exhilarating battles within the cubic world, offering a truly unique and immensely entertaining experience.


Flans Mod revolutionizes the world of Minecraft by providing an expansive and immersive military-themed experience. With its diverse range of vehicles, including tanks, cars, helicopters, and submarines, players are able to fully explore the power and versatility of military equipment within the game.