Dimension Mod in Minecraft Pocket Edition

Within Minecraft PE, the primary realms are the Overworld and the Nether. However, with the Dimensions Mod, the gameplay is enriched with additional locations to explore. Venturing into these new realms requires ample weaponry and sturdy armor for a safe and successful journey.

Name of Mod Dimension Mod
Version(s) applicable 1.2.0 – 1.19.83

1.18.0 – 1.19.83

Category Survivor Mods
Platform Android 


What is Dimension Mod in Minecraft PE?

Dimension Mod

The Dimension Mod in Minecraft PE is a modification that introduces new dimensions or realms into the game. These dimensions are separate worlds with unique environments, landscapes, and challenges for players to explore and conquer.

Unlike the standard overworld and Nether dimensions, the Dimension Mod offers additional realms that expand the gameplay experience. These new dimensions may feature different biomes, structures, creatures, and resources, providing fresh adventures and opportunities for players.

Furthermore, under Dimension Mod there are 2 more mods, those are: jimbo aether dimension and multidimensions.

Jimbo Aether Dimension

The Aether Dimension Mod replaces the Nether with the Aether, a realm inhabited by beautiful yet dangerous creatures. Players will encounter the Aetherman and the Aether Dragon, resembling ancient gods. However, their allure hides their treacherous nature.

To access the Aether Dimension, players must find or build a portal using Aether blocks and keys. It is crucial to come prepared with weapons, night vision potions, and armor for a safe journey.

Within the Aether Dimension, Aethermen, adorable yet cunning mobs, serve and protect the Aether Dragon. These thin, snow-white creatures with green eyes and rosy cheeks will attempt to gain Steve’s trust before attacking.

The Aether Dragon’s primary weapon is wind balls. To defeat it, players must first destroy the Aether crystals. Engaging with these challenging mobs and bosses adds excitement and depth to the Minecraft PE gameplay experience.


The Dimension Mod expands Minecraft PE with four new worlds. The Cave world can be created using cobblestones and lava, inhabited by the deadly Cave Spider. The Sky world, built with quartz blocks and torches, features Zombie Piglins. The Temple Dimension is guarded by a powerful Mummy boss armed with shockwaves and fireballs.

The most treacherous world is Ruins, constructed with stone bricks and Lapis Lazuli. Here, fierce Golems constantly battle, posing a threat to players who may be pushed into the void. The boss of Ruins is a non-flying skeleton dragon.

These new dimensions offer unique challenges and experiences for Minecraft PE players to explore and conquer.


The Dimension Mod enhances the Minecraft PE experience by introducing four new worlds to explore. Each dimension brings its own distinct challenges and mobs, from venomous Cave Spiders in the Cave world to formidable Mummy bosses in the Temple Dimension. The mod expands the gameplay possibilities, allowing players to venture beyond the familiar realms and embark on exciting adventures in these captivating dimensions.