Decentraland(MANA) vs Alien Worlds(TLM) Metaverse Comparison: Tokens, Gameplay, Market Cap, Price

In recent years, the metaverse has gotten a lot of attention in the realm of digital technology. In this article, you will find the comparison between Decentraland(MANA) vs Alien Worlds(TLM) on Tokens, Gameplay, Market Cap, and Price.

Over the past, science fiction, art, and film have created several renderings of the metaverse. For instance, Steven Spielberg’s film “Ready Player One” provides a fun look at how the metaverse may play a role in the future. The metaverse offers a wide range of options, from interacting with childhood animated characters to driving in a McLaren F1 as King Kong pursues you.

A person who is unaware of the metaverse and its importance, on the other hand, might dismiss it as just another fad in technology. The ever-growing list of metaverse games, on the other hand, demonstrates otherwise. While online games like MMORPGs have few indications to the metaverse, there is now a slew of new metaverse gaming ventures to look forward to.

Decentraland(MANA) vs Alien Worlds(TLM) Overview



The Ethereum network powers Decentraland, a virtual metaverse. Users may visit Decentraland’s webpage to explore the virtual environment, and investors can buy land plots in Decentraland while monetizing them as they see appropriate. Decentraland has so far been home to museums, games, corporate office space, and residential residences.

To authenticate ownership of land and things in the game, the project employs the ERC-721 protocol. This is the standard for non-fungible tokens (NFTs). These in-game objects may be bought and sold for real money. With this functionality, Decentraland intends to establish a viable and commercialized virtual world.

Decentraland can be used for many purposes, including entertainment and business. Gamers like the videogame for its sheer entertainment as well as the virtual environment’s visuals and noises. Businesses may make money by investing inland.

MANA is Decentraland’s native currency, and it serves a variety of purposes. It’s a governance token, which means it can be used to vote on the project’s future direction. A decentralized autonomous organization allows for this feature (DAO). MANA may also be used to make in-game purchases. MANA can be used to purchase things for sale in the video game, giving the token a new purpose and encouraging players to buy it.

Decentraland was launched for the first time in August of 2017. Ariel Meilich and Esteban Ordano founded Decentraland, although they have since decided to step down from their positions. Meilich has a lot of startups and entrepreneurial expertise, but Ordano has a lot more tech experience. The two used their respective skillsets to develop a formidable initiative that attracted Binance and Samsung as partners.

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is a DeFi metaverse where gamers may win prizes by playing games. This platform now runs on a variety of blockchains, including Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain (BSC). When users compete, they earn Trilium (TLM), the platform’s currency.

Because it is a blockchain game, players may play games and generate NFT cards, which allows them to make money. Gamers are flocking to play-to-earn games because they can finally be paid for playing. You can engage in a variety of activities on Alien Worlds, including questing, mining NFTs, and competing with other users.

Users can swap non-fungible tokens and the indigenous currency for money on this metaverse’s 7 planets. Sarojina McKenna, one of the company’s creators, believes Alien Worlds offers more than merely a play-to-earn platform. The game, according to the entrepreneur, also raises awareness in the crypto world, which is critical for acceptance.

Alien Worlds has been attracting more participants since its inception. The platform, which is still relatively young, already has millions of users worldwide, making it one of the most popular games in the crypto industry.

Decentraland(MANA) vs Alien Worlds(TLM) Gameplay


Decentraland Gameplay

The world of Decentraland is made up of many virtual plots of land that are characterized on the public ledger as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Owners are allowed to develop and exhibit their inventions for all to see as long as they stay within the bounds of their own property allotment.

Land parcels may be acquired using several tokens on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea. However, depending on the size of the property and its closeness to various public locations, they will set you back quite a bit.

If you’re experiencing claustrophobia, you can expand your landholdings by combining adjacent packages into estates. Owners may easily maintain and grow their landholdings with these joined plots of land, particularly if they’re seeking to build structures that won’t fit on a single ordinary land plot. The underlying land pieces are represented by another ERC-721 NFT called an estate.

The MANA native token, which can be used to buy land plots, gadgets, and other services inside Decentraland’s virtual environment, drives the economy. Token holders also can engage in governance by submitting or voting on community ideas. Most centralized and decentralized exchanges, including Binance and Uniswap, sell MANA coins. The price of MANA tokens has risen >5x in the last year as a result of Decentraland’s success and asset prices soaring.

Having land is only half of the fun; the other half involves creating incredible structures and artifacts to display, and also exploring the vast Decentraland metaverse. But first, you’ll need an Avatar, which are three-dimensional figures that let users take on an online identity in Decentraland, where they may explore the virtual world and interact with others.

You may make as many avatars as you like and personalize them with your own unique style, or you can select from hundreds of clothes. You may also alter your hair and facial characteristics instantaneously, unlike in real life!

If the free outfits do not appeal to you, Decentraland also offers premium NFT wearables that can be acquired via presale or the subsequent market using MANA. Wearables are available in a variety of rarities, from Unusual to Mythic. The lesser the mintable quantity for that specific item, the higher the scarcity.

Exclusive wearables can also be created by brands and content developers for particular contests or events. By proxy, these wearables are created on the Polygon blockchain, allowing users to trade them without paying exorbitant fuel fees. Some of these unusual goods, including a MetaMask Beanie or our own Gecko Hat, are available on the second-hand market.

Alien Worlds 

Alien Worlds Gameplay

The game’s gameplay is structured by an intriguing backstory. The game revolves around escaping Earth’s rising epidemic, as per the official website. Fortunately, an extraterrestrial culture sent communications to the Federation, the most sophisticated Bitcoin society, which led to the development.

The community came upon a wormhole and collected Trilium along the route. Six planets were established on the Federation of Alien Worlds as the tale progressed, with residents fighting for resources.

Everything in the game, including lands, minions, and weaponry, is a token. One of the most precious NFTs in the game is land. You can harvest assets and get prizes once you have a property NFT. In the video game, land NFTs represent plots of land that you can either mine or lease out. You get a commission on resources mined if you rent them out.

In the virtual world, utilities are also blockchain-based digital objects. You’ll need tools before you can mine assets, which will make the process go faster and smoother. You must first choose a planet to mine digital content. Following that, you must choose a land plot that you may own or rent from the owners.

It’s also plausible to assume that new players start with shovels and can opt to enhance their tools later on. In addition, gadgets require a specified amount of time to charge after each usage.

There are also weapon NFTs, which are important for battling conflicts. You have the option of participating in a competition while simultaneously representing your planet. On Alien Worlds, you only need a gun to compete in battles.

How to Play Alien Worlds?

To begin, you’ll need a WAX membership. You may create an Alien Worlds profile and begin playing after you have the account. After there, you select a username that will be shown when playing.

After you’ve created an account, the following step is to pick a planet. You may select whatever planet you like, and because this is a temporary location, you can replace it at any time. The game transports you to the industrial hub when you choose your plant, where you will spend 10 years.

A mining hub is a location set aside for mining operations. Your mining tools and land NFTs will be visible in the hub. Because new players receive shovels as well, you should be able to locate a free spade NFT in your stash. Alien Worlds is primarily a mining game that you must mine to receive prizes. You may begin mining by going to the mining hub and clicking “mine.”

After mining for a while, you’ll acquire some tokens and perhaps an NFT. It’s reasonable to say that each area is unique, thus certain lands will reward you with more digital goods than others. After each mining session, you must wait a certain amount of time before mining again. You will provide the landowner a share of your profits if you rent property to mine. While the game defaults at 20% for owners, they have the option to adjust it.

Decentraland(MANA) vs Alien Worlds(TLM) Tokens


MANA is a virtual asset token in Decentraland used to pay for products and services. It is based on the Ethereum ERC20 token standard. MANA may be purchased and traded in exchange for fiat money or other digital currencies. MANA may be kept in a cryptocurrency wallet and custodian such as Gemini.

Alien Worlds(TLM)

Alien Worlds (TLM) is the indigenous coin of the Alien Worlds virtual world, a decentralized blockchain game that uses DeFi and NFT technologies. Trilium is an ERC-20 fungible coin that may be used everywhere in the metaverse. You may gain additional trilium by mining the proper terrain with the right tools.

There are a maximum of 10B Alien Worlds tokens (TLM) available, although that number is unlikely to be reached due to Trilium’s falling inflation rate. A maximum of five billion tokens is estimated.

All generated trilium goes first to the world, then to the users, as per the open-source Alien Worlds protocols.

Decentraland(MANA) vs Alien Worlds(TLM) Price and Market Cap


₿0.00007630 (2.8%)

Market Cap: ₿101,405

24 Hour Trading Vol: ₿15,313

Fully Diluted Valuation: ₿167,605

Circulating Supply: 1,327,372,145

Total Supply: 2,193,913,327

Max Supply: 2,193,913,327


₿0.00000452 -2.6%

Market Cap ₿5,630

24 Hour Trading Vol ₿1,120

Fully Diluted Valuation ₿45,385

Circulating Supply 1,240,473,079

Total Supply 5,135,726,585

Max Supply 10,000,000,000


Is Trilium Worth It?

Trilium is a multi-chain token with the ability to exist on several chains. You may need to purchase Trilium to gain access to some of the game’s most important features. Trilium, on the other hand, is a token that links several blockchains, allowing users to take advantage of this capability. With the increased interest in NFTs and the metaverse, this coin has a lot of promise. You must, however, do your homework before buying any coin.

Is Decentraland (MANA) useful?

Decentraland’s primary function, for now, is that of a game. Although there have been other applications, such as virtual business development, the video game is the most common.

Because MANA is mainly used as an in-game monetary system, it is the same. MANA allows users to purchase and sell goods within the game.

Many people believe that the metaverse will be more important in the future. In a metaverse, things like video chats and concerts may take place. Decentraland aspires to bring its technologies to a much larger audience and integrate the initiative into daily life.

Where to buy Decentraland (MANA)?

MANA has increased in popularity with Meta’s name change. The coin was quickly adopted by many well-known markets, and it is currently available on a variety of platforms. Among the best are eToro, Webull, Voyager, and Gemini.

Security, simplicity of use, and minimal costs are all hallmarks of these systems. Opening an account is simple, and trading requires only a few minutes.


The notion of filled-out metaverses is increasingly becoming a reality as the world changes toward greater digital connections. With a virtual open environment like Decentraland, where users have complete power, metaverses have the potential to be more than simply a haven to disengage from reality.

The boundaries of what you could do in the digital world are increasingly being pushed, similar to how traditional video games are more realistic. Players may play fascinating mini-games with their pals or visit a live art exhibition by integrating numerous external apps and content into Decentraland. Soon, users will be able to buy real-world things in virtual retail malls. You may get the identical thing sent to you in the everyday world instead of merely obtaining a wearable NFT for your character.