Controller Mod in Minecraft Pocket Edition

Controller Mod in Minecraft Pocket Edition offers exciting new possibilities for players to exercise greater control over their gameplay experience. From manipulating the weather to customizing mob distances, this mod opens up a world of enhanced options and creativity. Join us as we explore the features and functionalities that the Controller Mod brings to Minecraft PE.

Name of Mod Controller
Version(s) applicable 1.17.0 – 1.20.0

1.19.0 – 1.20.0

Category Utility Mods
Platform Android 


About Controller Mod in Minecraft Pocket Edition

Controller Mod in Minecraft Pocket Edition

The Controller Mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE) gives players more control over their game. With this mod, users can easily change the weather or adjust the distance of creatures in the game world.

Environment Controller

The Controller Mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE) allows players to enhance their gameplay by adding new mechanisms. This mod provides access to features like a weather controller and other options. One great advantage of this addon is that it works even in survival mode. Players can conveniently remove the night time from the game without using cheats, making it easier for them to avoid encounters with monsters.


The Controller Mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE) allows players to add various weather effects to their world, such as rain, thunderstorms, and clear weather. Additionally, the mod introduces natural disasters like earthquakes and floods that players can trigger in the game. 

To change the weather, players will need to acquire a new item called a controller. 

This item can be crafted using a simple recipe that includes one Redstone, an iron block, and a stick. To view the crafting recipe, players can use the “/function craft_envcontroller” command.

Once the controller is obtained, a button will appear next to it. Clicking this button will reveal different cells where players can place desired items, such as a bucket of water, lava, a piston, or an anvil, to experiment and create new natural phenomena in MCPE. To explore all the features of the mod, players can use the “/function” command, which provides an overview of all available commands and options.

Entity Controller

The developer of this mod has given Minecraft PE users the ability to customize the distance at which mobs are located. This addon is compatible with survival mode and can also be used in multiplayer. To create a controller, players need to follow a simple crafting recipe. Additionally, they will require netherite and ender pearls as materials for crafting.

How to use Controller Mod?

To utilize the controller in Minecraft PE, players must approach a mob and click on it. The mod provides the option to adjust the distance, allowing players to set it anywhere between 4 to 40 blocks.


The Controller Mod for Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE) is a game-changer for players seeking more control and customization in their Minecraft experience. With the ability to change weather conditions, trigger natural disasters, and adjust mob distances, this mod empowers players to shape their virtual worlds to their liking. Whether you want a peaceful, sunny day or an adventurous stormy night, the Controller Mod offers an array of options to suit your preferences.