Comes Alive Mod in Minecraft Pocket Edition

Even with the introduction of the Village & Pillage update, many Minecraft PE players still find themselves unsatisfied with the towns available in the game. They yearn for a fresh experience with enhanced behaviors, designs, and possibilities. Enter Comes Alive mod, a mod designed to revolutionize the gameplay.

Name of Mod Comes Alive Mod
Version(s) applicable 1.14.0 


Category People Mods
Platform Android 


What is Comes Alive Mod in Minecraft PE?

Comes Alive Mod in Minecraft Pocket Edition

Comes Alive mod offers a completely new experience for sandbox players, allowing them to create and interact with families, engage in procreation, and live a more immersive and dynamic virtual life. This mod brings a whole new level of depth and realism to the game.

With Comes Alive, not only do individual players benefit from the enriched gameplay experience, but the very settlements themselves transform within MCPE. The mod breathes new life into villages, enhancing their interactions, and providing players with a more engaging and immersive environment.


In Comes Alive mod, a Minecraft PE mod, players are offered a range of exciting character customization options. They can choose their gender as either male or female and freely select their romantic interests, including the possibility of choosing multiple partners.

Players also have the opportunity to personalize their character’s name, allowing for a unique identity within the game.

Additionally, the mod introduces the concept of destiny and origins, allowing players to shape their character’s past. This choice significantly impacts their future life within the game. Options include starting with a family, living alone in a humble hut, residing as a villager within a village, or opting for a more typical starting experience.

The mod also enhances interactions with villagers, who now possess increased intelligence and capabilities. Players can have villagers follow them, trade at better prices, and even designate homes. Additionally, players’ houses can be shared with villagers, further integrating them into the gameplay experience.

In this immersive mod, the inhabitants of Minecraft PE are so intelligent that players can even marry one of them, adding a new level of depth and connection to the virtual world.


The Comes Alive mod for Minecraft PE revolutionizes gameplay by offering character customization, romantic relationships, and dynamic interactions with villagers. Players can choose their gender, select romantic interests, and shape their character’s past. The mod introduces intelligent villagers who can follow, trade, and even marry players, enhancing immersion and creating a vibrant virtual world.