Can you play Farmers World on mobile?

Can you play Farmers World on mobile? Let us find out in the following article.

Gaming has evolved in many ways, from single-player to multiplayer to NFT-based games that leverage blockchain technology. Many NFT games now enable you to play the game while still earning real Money. Axie Infinity and Farmer’s World will be immensely popular in the future of gaming.

Farmers World is an intriguing agricultural simulator that allows users to take on the role of a farmer and expand their business in various ways. You can raise animals, develop crops, combat jungle monsters, and make your tools and equipment. Continue reading to learn more about the famous NFT game Farmer’s World. 

What is Farmer World game?

farmers world game


Farmer World, the first farming game designed on the NFTs platform, is now available. Choose appropriate tools for your needs, use a range of resources, buy land on which to build enormous farms, and enjoy the exciting experiences of a farmer working in Farmer World’s Ecosystem.

What Blockchain is used by Farmers World?

Farmers World is a game that can be downloaded and powered by the WAX blockchain network.

Can you play Farmers World on mobile?

Can the game be played on Android and iOS? Farmers World’s official website states that the game is currently being developed for iOS and Android devices to deliver the most pleasing agricultural experience on mobile. Although no official information regarding the game’s release date has been revealed, we will keep you updated if any official information about the game and its release date is available.

Farmers World Characteristics

Because the game is primarily a farming sim. It includes numerous farming activities that players can engage in to develop their fields, such as planting and harvesting crops to exchange fruits with others and gain rewards for acquiring them. The game’s developers constantly upgrade and improve it by adding new objects and characters to the gameplay.

Farmers World also plans to grow their game and add quality of life elements in future updates, such as clashes against competing factions of farmers, IDO, and a unique ecosystem where they’ll be able to bring components from other games, as well as the opportunity to acquire more lands after mining Gold.

How Do You Play?

To join Farmers World, you must first purchase a WAX wallet and equip yourself with the tools needed to begin your trip. You may sign up for a WAX account.

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How Do You Get Tools In The Farmer’s World?

  • Buying on AtomicHub (Drops or Secondary Market)
  • Make new tools in-game by using the “Craft” feature.

Farmers World NFT: What Are Tools? Where Can I Buy And Sell Them?

Farmers World contains three primary resources: wood, food, and Gold, each of which is represented by a different token: FWW (wood), FWF (food), and FWG (Gold) (Gold).

Tokens are classified into three categories, which correlate to three different tool groups that can be used to exploit those resources.

  1. Axe, Saw, and Chainsaw
  2. FWF stands for Fishing Rod, Fishing Net, and Fishing Boat.
  3. FWG: Excavator for Underground Mining

It can also be purchased from decentralized marketplaces or other farms.

Tokens such as FWF, FWW, and FWG can be sold or bought on decentralized marketplaces such as Alcor, a decentralized exchange. Players can either swap or receive gifts from their pals.

How do you get gold in Farmers World?

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You can use various tools in the game to raise NFT animals, buy NFT land plots to farm food, and earn in-game tokens. Among the tools are:

  • Chainsaw
  • Excavator for mining
  • Boat for fishing
  • net for fishing
  • Axe
  • Fishing pole
  • Saw
  • Axe of Stone
  • Stone axe from antiquity

Here’s how to use the tools mentioned above:

  • To obtain wood, use chainsaws, saws, and axes.
  • Use fishing rods, a fishing boat, and a fishing net to catch fish.
  • To acquire Gold, use a mining excavator.

Farmers World’s tools all have a durability index. The durability index of all devices in the game ranges from 25 to 1,600. The tool’s durability index decreases as you mine Gold. To repair an agency with a durability index of zero, you’ll need Gold.

In addition, after each successful mining session, each tool has a one-hour cooldown period. You cannot utilize the items until the countdown is completed.

Furthermore, there are two methods to obtain these tools: purchasing them on AtomicHub (through drops or the secondary market) or using the game’s craft feature.

Tokens for Farmers World

Farmers World offers three distinct cryptocurrencies that correspond to the game’s three primary resources: wood, food, and Gold. These tokens operate in a loop:

  • mine using the given tools and energy
  • Use resources to refill energy and repair tools so that mining does not halt.
  • mine the minerals to purchase better tools
  • earn rewards and get more energy
  • And the cycle goes on!

The tokens are denoted by the letters FWW (Wood), FWF (Food), and FWG (Gold). To use the in-game resources, you must first obtain tokens. As an example:


To use the Axe, Saw, and Chainsaw, you must have the FWW token.


To use the Fishing Rod, Fishing Net, and Fishing Boat, you must have the FWF token.


To use the underground mining excavator, you must have the FWG token.

These currencies can be obtained from other players or decentralized marketplaces such as Alcor.

How to Purchase Tools from Farmers World Collection?

To begin playing Farmers World crypto, you will require a tool. To get at least an axe and a fishing rod, follow these steps:

  • Go to Farmers World Collection.
  • Choose the sort of tool you want to buy.
  • Choose the rarity and level of the tool.
  • Enter the WAX amount from the deal.
  • After reviewing the transaction, click the “Buy” button.

If everything goes as planned, you will have the resources you need to begin playing the Farmers World crypto game.


Farmers World is a blockchain-based NFT game that works on WAX blockchain technology. Farmers World is the first farming game available on the NFTs platform. Choose appropriate tools for yourself, exploit various resources, purchase land to develop massive farms, and enjoy the exciting adventures of a farmer working in Farmers World’s Ecosystem. 

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog.