Can I Breed Mystic Axie?

Since the Mystic parts are discrete and unique, the Axies that have Mystic body parts cannot be bred and the offspring cannot inherit the unique characteristics of their parent Axie. In this article, we will understand how to breed Mystic Axie.

There are around 4088 Origin Axie Eggs that hold a chance to have Mystic parts. Before the game got popular, the very first buyers and collectors of such Axies were the first ones who obtained them, and therefore Mystic Axies are so valuable and unique.

What is a Mystic Axie?

Every Axie Infinity player in their course of ‌gameplay is intrigued by one question which is “What is a Mystic Axie?”. This type of Axie renders a special place in each player’s gaming journey due to its uniqueness, rarity, mysteriousness, and peak benefits in the game.

The Origin

Players seem to love limited items such as Origins. Launched in the year 2018 in April, Axie Infinity developers sold the Beast, Plant, and Aquatic Origin axis at an average price rising from 22eth  to 42eth. The Origin Axies are one of a kind in which each Axie has 6 different parts such as mouth, horn, eyes, back, ears, and tail.

It was a presale gimmick in the game where there was a chance for a player’s Origin Axie to form a Mystic part. There was a 1 in 18th chance for one or more of the Origin parts to spawn as a Mystic part. In the base level of the game, the Mystic parts resemble the non-mystic parts that they were etched from. Nevertheless, one can notice discrete differences visually on such unique parts.

AOC or Axie Origin coins are given out to the players as referrals, or if someone has bought an Axie using the referral you have given, this was the only avenue that let the players obtain Rare Class Origin. A 5-to-1 ratio was used to redeem an Origin Axie with the AOC coins.  There are a total number of 4088 Origin Axies and every Axie is designated with a unique tag, and it also holds a special victory gesture when they win in ‌Arena battles. 


The title of Mystic was allotted ‌ only for the most discrete and rarest Axies; however now in the game, rare land chunks and even assets are termed as mystic if their origin is unique. In Lunacia the apex of rarity is reached by the Mystic Axies. One can hold a Mystic Axie by redeeming AOCs. there should be an approximate 1453 number of Mystic Axies in number to be in the game. 

Since there is a presence of AOCs, there can be under 100 Mystic Axies that can still be created. There is a 29% chance of drawing a rare Mystic Axie but the chance to draw more than one Mystic Axie is sparse. The chances of owning a certain number of Mystic Axies or parts are as the following:

Single Mystic = 25.04%

Double Mystic = 3.68%

Triple Mystic = 0.28%

Quad Mystic = 0.0127%

5x Mystic = 0.000299%

6x Mystic = 1 chance in 34,012,224

Mystic Parts

The Mystic parts are the usual Axie parts, but with a ‌unique change. In ‌levels 2 to 4, the difference between the normal parts and the mystic parts becomes more and more distinct. 

Upgrade of Parts

There’s still a lot of speculation regarding what these parts will do for the Axies; however, we do not know as of yet if the mystic parts are the only parts that can level up to legendary level 4. Compared to base parts, the level 4 mystic parts are extremely one of a kind and exaggerated while housing extraordinary powers within it. 

Can you use Axie while breeding?

An Axie can be bred and used in the gameplay at the same time, but it will take around 5 days until you cannot use the offspring Axie to fight on the battlefield.

How to Breed Mystic Axie?

Axie which are virgins, have 400 XP and the XP keeps on increasing in the following way with every breeding session:

1st Breed: 700 XP

2nd Breed: 900 XP

3rd Breed: 900 XP

4th Breed: 1500 XP

5th Breed: 2400 XP

6th Breed: 3000 XP

7th Breed: 3000 XP

The Axie becomes sterile after the 7th stage of breeding. The way one can gain experience points is by fighting in battles.

Since Axies have no gender, one can breed any Axie with each other; however, incest is not allowed, so children and parents and siblings and siblings cannot be bred with each other.

The breeding leads to the production of an egg which transforms over 5 days in stages such as Larva on day 1; Petite on stage 2 in this stage one can see the Axie tag which states the class and the parts the Axie holds but in this stage the offspring cannot be taken into battles. From the Petite stage, it grows to the adult stage in a matter of 2 days and after this, your Axie is ready to battle and breed in the game.

The morphing phenomenon from the Larvae stage to the Petite stage ‌to finally the adult stage incurs a tiny transaction fee since it is done on the blockchain platform. Since you’re buying ‌space for yourself on the blockchain, you would need to be subjected to a small number of fees.

How much does it cost to breed an Axie?

The ever-increasing price of AXS has recently surfaced a lot of complaints from the Axie Community’s end since it was making breeding more expensive. 4 AXS were needed to breed an Axie but in the new season of Axie Infinity they have reduced the breeding cost to 2 AXS per Axie.

SLP or Smooth Love Potion is also needed to breed the Axies; the following table shows how much SLP is required based on the Axie Breed count.

Breed Count Breed Number SLP Cost
(0/7) 1 150
(1/7) 2 300
(2/7) 3 450
(3/7) 4 750
(4/7) 5 1200
(5/7) 6 1950
(6/7) 7 3150


Sky Mavis lowered the cost of breeding to keep an equilibrium between the SLP and AXS values. Cheaper breeding made the game more accessible to ‌users, which in turn helped the game to grow. The trading volume of Axie Infinity is $1.2 Billion. Since they moved from the Ronin sidechain they have become the largest NFT ushered project on the market. Around $30 million is made in NFT trades per day.


The following article is based on the nitty-gritty of the game Axie Infinity and answers questions such as Can I breed Mystic Axies which are rare axies from the world of Lunacia, we also find an answer to if we can use Axies while breeding, and how much it costs to breed an Axie. We hope this piece has answered all your queries.