Where to Buy Alien Worlds Crypto?

Where to buy Alien Worlds crypto? Gamers in the Alien Worlds metaverse can obtain NFTs (digital game objects) to mine TLM, engage in combat, and accomplish in-game tasks. Based on their approach, players can buy and assemble NFTs that are most suited to their gaming. Furthermore, players can participate in governance by selecting the Councillors of six Planet DAOs, influencing the game’s destiny.

In this article, we will focus on buying Alien Worlds crypto. Read on to learn where to buy Alien Worlds crypto.

What is Alien Worlds?

You play the role of a space traveler in Alien Worlds. In the videogame, you are given a set of three mining equipment with which you can mine planets. The minerals you mine represent the game’s cryptocurrency, so it’s easy to understand how you might start making money from the game. And besides, all you have to do is mine.

what is alien worlds

Trillium, abbreviated TLM, is the coinage in Alien Worlds. It is obtained through mining the world in the videogame. The amount of TLM you receive is dependent on your mining equipment, the land you like to mine on, and the quantity of TLM accessible on the planet you’re on. Based on your mining equipment, mining the coin can take anywhere from 2 seconds to 3 minutes.

How do you play Alien Worlds?

To start playing Alien Worlds, you must first create a WAX.io Wallet. This is one of the most prominent decentralized video gaming and entertainment networks. It is a wallet that is completely dedicated to NFTs. What’s more, the wallet is simple to manufacture. All you have to do is connect the wallet to a Google, Facebook, or Twitter account, and you’re ready to go.

After that, you’ll need to set up your profile. You can choose between two avatars. Then, create a username to start. The game is only available on a desktop browser, and there appear to be no plans for a smartphone version of the game at this time.

There are certain traits that you should look for on a planet. The first is the amount of TLM on the planet, which is referred to as the Mining Pot. The other factor to consider is the length of time it takes the world to make TLM, which is referred to as Filtrate. However, at the outset of your Alien Worlds adventure, the planet you chose is unimportant.

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After selecting a planet, the following step is to select land to mine on. Land is an NFT in Alien Worlds that depicts the components of a planet. In the videogame, you could own a Land that you can mine yourself. Of course, other gamers can mine your land for a fee.

Following that, you must select the type of mining tool you will use to mine the planets. At the beginning of the game, everybody is given a Shovel. However, it has limited mining power and is not suitable for earning large profits on Alien Worlds. You will eventually wish to invest in further mining equipment. Each mining tool is determined by a variety of criteria.

Mining power is the amount of TLM that can be mined with the tool. The mining tool’s ways to identify an NFT while mining is referred to as NFT chance. The length of time it takes for the mining equipment to cool down after use is referred to as the charge time. POW stands for Proof of Work, which makes things simpler to mine in the game, this feature is only important later in the game.

Weapons, Artifacts, and Minions are among the NFTs that can be obtained. You can acquire these NFTs right now, but the mode in which to play them will arrive later in the game’s development. The devs are working on implementing a PVP aspect dubbed the Thunderdome, which will be available when the game releases.

Alien Worlds is an easy mining game, and like most NFT games, you’ll need to make some wise investments to maximize your account’s potential. Because it is free to play, it may be a good idea to consider playing the video game and giving it a try. Who knows, it could be a game that you thoroughly enjoy and from which you make loads of money. 

Now, let’s move to the “Where to Buy Alien Worlds Crypto” section.

Where to Buy Alien Worlds Crypto?

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If you are confused about where to buy Alien Worlds crypto, let this section help you out. Here are the top 3 crypto exchanges for you to buy Alien Worlds crypto.

Exchange Liquidity Rank
Binance #1
Gate.io #2
MXC #3


How can you earn from Alien Worlds?

You can regularly play and earn money on Alien Worlds by mining Trillium (TLM). You’ll need mining equipment and access to land with prospective Trillium deposits for this.

When mining occurs on their property, landowners are paid a commission. If you are not a landowner, you must contribute 20% of the reward.

If you haven’t spent any money on Alien Worlds, all you need to get started is a shovel. You can, however, go to distant planets to obtain Trillium. NFTs can also be found when mining. The tool’s luck statistics affect your odds of finding avatars or even new and better mining equipment.

Your mining tools must cool down between rounds. Rare mining tools take much longer to cool, but typical tools, such as a shovel, cool in 30 mins.

TLMs can be traded on Alcor, and NFTs can be traded on AtomicHub.


What is the price of 1 TLM?

The current price is $0.117301

How many TLM coins are there?



On the contrary, due to its relatively big market capitalization, TLM may be in the midst of a long price phase of consolidation, if the fundamentals are robust, TLM is expected to rebound back strongly and continue its next process of upward momentum. As a result, traders should put in extra effort to analyze TLM’s fundamentals and remain cautious when trading this coin. For more posts on various altcoins, stay tuned.