Bookshelf Mod in Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft PE enthusiasts often delight in constructing diverse houses that encompass all the essential elements for a comfortable and secure existence for the player. When it comes to decorative elements, the choices are somewhat limited in the game. Recognizing this constraint, the creative minds behind the Bookshelf Mod have endeavored to expand their horizons and empower players to establish their very own extensive library in the virtual realm.

Name of Mod Bookshelf Mod
Version(s) applicable 1.18.0 – 1.19.83
Category New Blocks
Platform Android 


What is Bookshelf Mod in Minecraft PE?

Bookshelf Mod in Minecraft Pocket Edition

The Bookshelf Mod in Minecraft PE is a mod that enhances the gameplay experience by introducing additional features related to bookshelves and libraries. This mod expands the possibilities for players to create and customize their in-game libraries, allowing them to add more aesthetic appeal and functionality to their virtual spaces.

With the Bookshelf Mod installed, players can expect new options for designing and arranging bookshelves, such as different styles, sizes, and materials. It may also introduce additional interactive elements, such as the ability to place and organize books on the shelves, create reading areas, and even incorporate hidden compartments or secret passages within the library structure.


When designing the interior space of any structure, numerous crucial factors must be considered. Foremost among these is ensuring its safety, preventing aggressive creatures from infiltrating the premises.

Additionally, functional elements like beds and lighting fixtures are indispensable. However, aesthetics should not be overlooked. Thanks to the remarkable Bookshelf Mod, players can now construct expansive libraries within their virtual domains. The mod’s creators have crafted an impressive selection of 100 distinct options that infuse diversity into the appearance of these objects.

Transforming one’s Minecraft PE abode into a cozy and extraordinary haven is effortlessly achievable with the installation of this update. Simply embrace the mod’s offerings, and watch as your interior ideas manifest into vivid reality, breathing life into your virtual home.


It is truly remarkable to acknowledge the boundless potential for interior decoration that awaits Minecraft PE players through the Bookshelf Mod. With its incredibly diverse array of options, even the most ordinary objects can assume captivating appearances, allowing players to craft the perfect ambiance within their virtual spaces.

Furthermore, the utility of the Bookshelf Mod extends beyond individual players. Map creators and other add-on enthusiasts will find great value in this modification as it empowers them to fashion intriguing and unconventional experiences. By leveraging the unique items provided by the mod, creators can leave a lasting impression on others, showcasing their remarkable ideas in impressive fashion.


The Bookshelf Mod in Minecraft PE serves as a remarkable enhancement that expands the possibilities for interior design and creativity. With its extensive selection of options, players can transform their in-game libraries into captivating spaces, adding depth and visual appeal to their virtual abodes.