Upcoming Board Game Conventions You Must Visit in 2023

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For a newly minted board game nerd, the hobby can be pretty intimidating. It can be challenging to go in head first when there are thousands of new games released every year. Perhaps you’ve already established a gaming community, but you’d still like to have the chance to interact with new players. Maybe you’ve already begun to assemble a collection, but you want to play some of the newest, hottest games before they are released. The best thing for you to do next might be to attend a board game conference!

In this post, you will find the most exciting board game conventions for the upcoming months.

What are Board Game Conventions?

Board Game Conventions

There are numerous variations of board game conventions. Some are week-long events with big dealer halls and loads of gaming events, while others are tiny intimate gatherings where players play games nonstop. The majority of what we’ll discuss will be larger conventions, but let’s first look at the distinctions.

What is the Difference Between Small Convention and Large Conventions?

Difference Between Small Convention and Large Conventions

Gaming conventions can often be divided into two categories: small conventions and large conventions. We’ll attempt to differentiate between small and large a bit more because, of course, they might mean various things to different individuals.

Small gatherings are frequently referred to as “Local Conventions.” This is because few of them actually draw individuals from across the nation; instead, they primarily draw locals. There are often 200–5,000 attendees at these meetings. They frequently lack an exhibitor hall and are frequently more concerned with bringing people together solely to play games.

Difference Between Small Convention and Large Conventions

The major conventions are always sizable, lively, and thrilling occasions. These can are challenging to classify due to the wide range of attendance, but typically they attract between 15,000 and 200,000 people. The majority of conventions that surpass 15,000 attendees will offer a sizable dealer area where you can purchase games directly from the publishers and sizable event spaces where you can register to participate in particular tournaments or games. The emphasis is frequently on other things, such as events, seminars, and shopping, rather than just playing games all day. Large conventions may be really intimidating, so perhaps this post will make them easier for you to understand!

Why Should You Go To Board Game Conventions?

Why Should You Go To Board Game Conventions

There are many wonderful benefits to attending a convention! Here are some compelling reasons why attending a board gaming conference might be of interest to you. Everyone learns something different from their experiences.

In board game conventions, you can do the following:

  • Play a tonne of games.
  • Prior to their official release, try out the hottest new games.
  • Meet your favourite media figures, writers, artists, publishers, and designers.
  • Compete in significant gaming competitions.
  • Discover some very unique items to buy and bring home.
  • Look through a variety of board games from various publishers to discover something fresh that you might enjoy.
  • Meet players who share your interests.
  • Listen to presentations and panels on topics related to your industry of interest.
  • Obtain exclusive promotional cards, items, or expansions for your favourite games.

Popular Board Game Conventions in 2023

Popular Board Game Conventions in 2023

Check out the list of upcoming board game conventions below


Event Date: March 2nd – 5th, 2023

Prepare yourself for SaltCon, one of Utah’s most recognised board gaming conferences, if you happen to be nearby the Rocky Mountains.

You can have clean, family-friendly entertainment for a full day at SaltCon. Therefore, SaltCon is perfect for you even if you’re a night owl and can’t be asked to get up early for a convention.

Arizona Game Fair

Event Date: April 28th – 30th, 2023

Attend the annual Arizona Game Fair for some much-needed entertainment if you’d like to take a break from exploring the Grand Canyon State. The fair’s collection of over 1,000 board games will keep you occupied for a while.

Geekway to the West

Event Date: May 18th – 25th, 2023

The Geekway to the West event, which is held in Missouri, instils a greater strategic advantage when you play with others.

The most well-liked activity at the con is “Play and Win,” which features a particular selection of games (more than 700) from Geekway’s vast collection.

Playing as many board games as you can is the main goal of the Play and Win competition. Your chances of winning the reward increase as you play more games.

Geekway hosts a short event called “Geekway Mini,” similar to ReCon. Since there are no awards to be earned, this conference is much more laid back and less competitive. The key is to play your favourite board game with friends.

Gen Con

Event Date: August 3rd – 6th, 2023

You have undoubtedly heard of Gen Con if you have even the slightest knowledge of board game conventions. This convention, which is hosted in Indiana, attracts a stunning 70,000 attendees practically every year.

Gen Con has excelled at catering to all ages, from challenging games like Lords of Waterdeep to the family-friendly Baby’s First Adventure.

Make sure not to miss Gen Con because it attracts board gamers from all across the United States.

Gen Con has planned for the future because it is one of the biggest board gaming conferences in the US. Events for Gen Con are planned all the way to 2026! Now that’s dedication.


The most well-liked board game conventions to watch out for in 2022/2023 are listed above. Make sure you’re well-prepared before attending a conference to guarantee a positive board gaming experience. Bring your own games, sanitizer, face masks, and food, especially if this is your first time visiting the convention’s venue.

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