10 Best Armor Sets ranked in Elden Ring

10 Best armor sets, ranked in Elden Ring. You’ve found our compilation of the finest suits of armor in all of Elden Ring. Despite our assurance, it’s clear that the order of these items is highly subjective and dependent on your specific setup. Check out our Elden Ring weapon tier list for the most potent weapons.

10 Best Armor Sets ranked in Elden Ring

1) Alberich’s set

Alberich’s Set

The Mad Tongue Alberich wears Alberich’s gear when he attacks you in the Roundtable Hold. The Fortified Manor in Leyndell, the Royal Capital, is where you can finally get your hands on it, although that’s not until much later in the game. When worn together, the Briars of Punishment and Briars of Sin, two Aberrant Sorceries from the Elden Ring, are enhanced by 20%.

At the expense of a portion of your health, these Sorceries inflict damage and build up bleeding. Unfortunately, they are generally considered some of the worst Sorceries in the game, severely reducing Alberich’s Set’s efficacy. There was a recent patch that gave significant improvements to both Aberrant Sorceries, making them and the Set potentially playable once more.

2) Briar set

Like the Armor of Thorns in Dark Souls and Dark Souls 3, dodging rolls into enemies while wearing the Briar Set will cause minimal damage (two damage for every piece of the Set worn). Similarly, Elden Ring’s Quickstep and Bloodhound’s Step are susceptible to this effect. There is little to this effect, and at first glance, it appears insignificant.

The Briar Set, however, does have some practical applications. The fact that it just takes a single point of damage to stop resurrecting skeletons allows you to finish off foes clinging to life by a thread of health or kill those bothersome resurrecting skeletons. However, the fact that you have to kill Elemer of the Briar in the Shaded Castle to obtain it may make the modest bonuses appear inconsequential. However, if you’ve done so, you can buy his Set from Enia in the Roundtable Hold.

3) Omen set

If you desire the Omen Set that the Loathsome Dung Eater wore, you’ll have to steal it from his dead body. There are valid arguments in favor of doing so. Besides its reasonable defenses, the Set increases the damage of the Omen Bairn and Regal Omen Bairn by 20% if worn together.

How excellent are these products? No, not really. When the Omen Set is used in conjunction with other means of increasing Holy damage, these weapons suddenly become effective offensive options, allowing for a new and exciting style of play to emerge.

4) Hoslow’s set is the best of all Worlds

Hoslow's Set Is The Best Of All Worlds

The armor worn by Juno Hoslow, non-playable character players can kill throughout the Volcano Manor questline, is not the most mechanically helpful and instead trades stats for style. Even while this suit of armor has respectable stats across the board, its sleek silver and crimson design are what sets it out from the pack.

5) Black Knife Armor is the best choice for Assassins

While the defense is crucial for any suit of armor in the Elden Ring, the Black Knife Set may be a good option for individuals who are confident in their dodging skills and are ready to make some sacrifices in exchange for greater mobility.

The primary benefit of this suit of armor, beyond making the wearer look extremely fashionable, is its ability to dampen the sound of their footsteps. Getting the drop on your foes is a massive advantage in any fight, even if sneak assaults themselves won’t win the day.

6) Spellblade set

The Spellblade Set is advertised as increasing the effectiveness of sorcery spells. And it does that, yet, the language sometimes needs to be clarified. The term “sorcery skills” does not relate to actual sorceries or incantations but rather to any weapon skill that deals Magic or Cold damage, such as the Glintstone Pebble or the Ice Spear Ashes of War.

The Spellblade Set may not perform the way you’d hoped, yet it can still prove to be an invaluable tool. Strengthening Elden Ring’s already potent Weapon Skills by an additional 8% is a welcome bonus. However, the Spellblade Set is not immediately available; instead, it must be picked up on the balcony following Rogier’s death.

7) The Royal remains provide steady Healing

The Royal Remains Set has respectable numbers overall and wouldn’t stand out if it weren’t for its unique ability to heal slowly but steadily when the player is critically ill. After taking down Ensha of the Royal Remains, the player is rewarded with this Set of armor. It’s a solid option for many designs, but the gothic horror aesthetic is only for some.

8) The Crucible sets grant the wearer plenty of Poise

Crucible Knights can equip either the Crucible Axe Set or the Crucible Tree Set, both of which can be found in the Elden Ring. The former is guarded by Crucible Knight Siluria, while the latter is only accessible after defeating Crucible Knight Ordovis. There is little to choose between the two sets stat-wise, and both have perfect poise relative to similar armor. Due to their distinctive visual styles, the choice between the two is ultimately up to the individual player.

9) Raptor’s set

As an upgraded version of the Bandit set, the Raptor’s Set shares the latter’s lack of separate legs and gauntlets. The Skeletal Mask’s headpiece is just cosmetic. However, the Raptor’s Black Feathers chest piece increases the damage of your leap attacks by 10%. Especially when using a Colossal Weapon in each hand, these blows already pack a serious punch.

To destroy foes in PvE and PvP, you can stack this effect with the Claw Talisman for a 25% bonus. You can discover this crucial ingredient for several meta builds in a chest behind one of the numerous fake walls of the Sage’s Cave on the western side of the Altus Plateau.

10) General Radahn’s set required defeating a great Warrior

Starscourge, the Red Lion General, is a mighty and feared warrior. One of the game’s most challenging bosses, Radahn, can be found in Caelid and is a potent demigod. The player will need to use every trick in the book to take down this boss, and even then, they should expect to fight this fierce warrior more than a few more times.

As a result, you get your hands on a suit of armor with some of the game’s most vital defense stats and poise. With its burnished bronze and large red mane of fur atop the helmet, it is also one of the more aesthetically beautiful late-game setups.

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The best Elden Ring armor sets are hidden all around the Lands Between, and they provide excellent defense and an air of confidence. Knowing where to look can get you some seriously potent gear, such as Radahn’s armor, the Bull-Goat Set, the Banished Knight set, or the Veteran Set. For example, the Banished Knight’s armor is easy to loot from a familiar foe.

To obtain Radahn or Raging Wolf armor, for example, you’ll need to face off against some challenging bosses, but the rewards could be worth it.