Baubles Mod in Minecraft Pocket Edition

In the vast world of Minecraft, where danger lurks at every corner and challenges await the brave, having the right tools and equipment can make all the difference. That’s why we’re excited to introduce Baubles Mod which brings a variety of equipable rings, amulets, and charms to enhance your abilities and provide unique boosts to your character. 

Name of Mod Baubles Mod
Version(s) applicable 0.14.0 – 1.19.83
Category Utility Mods
Platform Android 


About Baubles Mod

Baubles Mod introduces a variety of equipable rings, amulets, and charms that provide special boosts to the wearer. It includes a total of 10 rings, 7 amulets, and 5 charms. You can equip up to 3 different baubles simultaneously by simply interacting with them. To equip a bauble, right-click on PC or long-press on mobile. Note that you can only have one bauble of each type equipped at a time, meaning one ring, one amulet, and so on.

There are more baubles planned for future updates, and you’re invited to join the Discord community to suggest new baubles for me to add. All the crafting recipes for the baubles should be accessible on the crafting menu.

Here’s a breakdown of the different baubles and their effects:

Potion Rings

  • Speed
  • Jump boost
  • Strength
  • Regeneration
  • Fire resistance
  • Turtle master
  • Invisibility
  • Slow falling
  • Night vision
  • Water Breathing


  • Magic Amulet: Dropped by Endermen, this amulet teleports all items to you.
  • Nature Amulet: Dropped by endermen and stray, this amulet grants speed when on grass.
  • Chilling Amulet: Dropped by a stray, this amulet slows down nearby mobs.
  • Wither Amulet: Dropped by wither skeleton, this amulet inflicts the wither effect on nearby mobs.
  • Love Amulet: Dropped by wither skeleton and zombie, this amulet eliminates nearby zombies, husks, and drowned.
  • Leeching Amulet: Dropped by a zombie, this amulet provides hunger and resistance II (stacks with turtle master ring).
  • Blood Amulet: Dropped by a zombie, this amulet gives slowness and strength II (stacks with strength ring).


  • Power Charm: Craftable, this charm grants various powerful effects (does not stack).
  • Angel Charm: Craftable, this charm grants flight.
  • Death Charm: Craftable, this charm eliminates nearby non-undead mobs (such as pillagers and creepers).
  • Mob Charm: This charm spawns a random mob every 30 seconds.
  • Potion Charm: This charm grants a random potion effect every 30 seconds.


With the Baubles mod, your Minecraft adventures will reach new heights. The 10 rings, 7 amulets, and 5 charms available provide an array of powerful effects, from granting flight to eliminating nearby mobs. By equipping up to three baubles simultaneously, you can customize your playstyle and tailor your character’s strengths to your preferences.