Backpack Mod in Minecraft Pocket Edition

During long-distance travels in Minecraft, you often find yourself needing extra storage space for your items. Also at times during your journey, you may discover new dungeons, pure mining underground, or settlements that will take up a lot of your inventory space.

To address this issue, game mod developers have introduced a convenient solution: the Backpack mod. With this mod, you can store your nitty-gritty stuff and no longer have to worry about lack of space in your pocket. 

Name of Mod Backpack Mod 
Version(s) applicable 0.14.0 – 1.19.81
Category Utility Mods
Platform Android 


About The Backpack Mod 

Backpack Mod

This mod stands out as one of the most comprehensive and innovative additions to Minecraft. The mod creator has designed these backpacks to perform tasks that players could only dream of before.

When it comes to storing items, these backpacks have no limits. You can stash anything you desire, ranging from dirt blocks to chicken eggs. The mod creator has ensured that there are no restrictions on what you can deposit. Additionally, you have the freedom to upgrade your backpack’s capacity whenever you wish. 

Note that you get the flexibility to choose any of the given options: small, average, and big, tailoring the storage space to your needs.

However, the most outstanding feature of this addon is the backpack’s ability to store liquids. 

For instance, you can hold a bucket of lava or water in your hands and look at the sack, and then simply press the “put away lava/water” button. This way you can easily store any form of liquid and transform your backpack into a portable barrel anytime you need. 

Concerned about the security of your bag? Fear not! While anyone can typically open your backpack, you have the option to enhance its safety by using a special belt. Once equipped, this belt acts as a protective barrier, ensuring that no one can breach or access your bag without your permission.


With this mod, your Minecraft adventures are elevated to a new level of convenience, functionality, and security. Explore with ease, store items effortlessly, and enjoy the boundless possibilities that this backpack mod offers.