Axie Infinity SLP Farming: A Complete Guide

Looking for an Axie Infinity SLP Farming guide? This is the one for you. Blockchain-based game Axie Infinity has become extremely well-liked among players. Popular games like Pokemon have a big influence on Axie Infinity in several aspects. Users of Axie Infinity can engage in PvP (Player versus Player) or PvE (Player versus Environment) combat using the game’s fictional Axie creatures. Read on to learn more about Axie Infinity and Axie Infinity SLP farming process.

What is Axie Infinity?

What is Axie Infinity

The in-game mechanisms of Axie Infinity are powered by $AXS and $SLP, two significant tokens that are used in the Ethereum blockchain-based game. Trading assets is done using the $AXS token. To buy Axies from the market when you initially start the game, you will require $AXS tokens. The $SLP, on the other hand, is a reward token. You will earn $SLP tokens as you progress through the game and battle against other gamers. Then, on exchanges like Binance, these tokens may be exchanged for cash.

Adventure mode was a simple way to increase your SLP token total up until season 19. Players engage in PvE battles with creatures in the adventure mode to level up. Earning SLP tokens is another benefit of succeeding in Adventure mode. However, playing in Adventure mode no longer results in SLP since the season 20 release.

How to Earn SLP in Axie Infinity?

How to Earn SLP in Axie Infinity

The SLP tokens are currently exclusively accessible in Arena mode as a result of significant modifications to the Axie Infinity game rules. In the arena mode, players engage in PvP-style combat, with the winner receiving SLP tokens. Users receive a certain quantity of SLP tokens based on their MMR. In other words, the more MMR you have, the more SLP tokens you win with.

The amount of energy a user has affects how the SLP tokens are distributed. In the arena mode, each battle consumes one energy. Your energy level varies depending on how many Axies you possess. Even if you triumph in a match in the arena mode, you won’t be able to get SLP tokens once users have used up that energy.

Ascending the rankings is another way to acquire SLP tokens. Depending on where you finish in the standings at the end of the season, you may receive SLP tokens. Axie Infinity’s developer, Sky Mavis, revealed via its blog that the person who ranks first overall would get 203,147 $AXS tokens.

Now, let’s start with the Axie Infinity SLP Farming phases.

Axie Infinity SLP Farming: How to Earn SLP Efficiently?

Axie Infinity SLP Farming How to Earn SLP Efficiently

Follow these phases to earn SLP efficiently.


You should first learn how to use energy before engaging in battle with creatures in Adventure Mode or competing against other players in Arena mode. Each combat in both game types will cost one energy. Energy is crucial for levelling up Axies, competing in the Arena, where you may also farm SLP, and accumulating experience in the Adventure mode.

You also require a certain quantity of Axies to enhance the maximum energy and the rate at which energy refills.

3-9 Axies= Max 20 Energy 

10-19 Axies= Max 40 Energy 

20+ Axies= Max 60 Energy 


The daily quest can be finished as another hassle-free method of farming SLP. You can now get 25 SLP on the daily quests instead of the prior 50 SLP, as of this writing. You just need to log in every day, complete 10 Adventure mode stages, and triumph in 5 Arena games.

Adventure Mode (PVE)

Adventure Mode

The SLP in Adventure mode has also been reduced from 100 SLP in the previous version to 50 SLP, just like the SLP that can be earned through daily missions. In order to level up more quickly and get experience faster, we also suggest allocating your energy during the first few weeks of gameplay. The better SLP you can win depends on your Axie Level. When you engage in battle with the bosses on Ruin 21 and Ruin 36, you can also gain greater SLP.

SLP Reward by Level

  • Level 1-4= 1 SLP per Win
  • Level 5-9= 2 SLP per Win
  • Level 10-14= 4 SLP per Win
  • Level 15-16= 6 SLP per Win
  • Level 17-20= 5-10 SLP per Win
  • Level 21-36= 10-20 SLP per Win

SLP Reward Boss Fights

  • Adventure Ruin 21= 200 SLP
  • Adventure Ruin 36= 300 SLP

Arena Mode (PVP)

Arena Mode

Axie users can still earn more SLP in the Arena mode even though the SLP award in the daily quest and Adventure mode has been cut in half since the previous release. You can earn more SLP each day by battling against other players on Axie. However, in order to gain SLP in the Arena, Adventure, and Daily Quest, you must have an MMR of over 800.

SLP Reward by MMR

  • 0-800 MMR= 0 SLP per Win
  • 800-999= 1 SLP per Win
  • 1000-1099= 3 SLP per Win
  • 1100-1299= 6 SLP per Win
  • 1300-1499= 9 SLP per Win
  • 1500-1799= 12 SLP per Win
  • 1800-1999= 15 SLP per Win
  • 2000-2199= 18 SLP per Win
  • 2200+= 21 SLP per Win

What is the Use of SLP Tokens from Axie Infinity SLP Farming?

Many gamers in Axie Infinity grind the game to obtain as many $SLP tokens as possible. Fundamentally, $SLP tokens are employed to aid in the breeding of Axies. Everyone starts out with three Axies, but players need the $SLP tokens to breed them. Any Axies you produce can then be exchanged for $AXS tokens on the Axie Infinity Marketplace. Additionally, you can convert your hard-earned $SLP and $AXS tokens for fiat money by selling them on cryptocurrency exchange sites.

How Much SLP Can You Earn Per Day?

If the top player had a 50% win rate in the Arena, he might make up to 150+ SLP per day playing Axie Infinity. The average user could earn up to 75 SLP each day if he completes the daily task (10 victories in the Adventure and five victories in the Arena). Only play the game once your electricity is back on.


Knowing how to obtain the Smooth Love Potion is another important aspect of playing Axie Infinity that goes beyond how much money you can spend on your Axie team. Although this game initially seems rather overwhelming, after you figure out how to cultivate SLP, you may have fun playing while earning cryptocurrency that you can then exchange for real money.


Q. Can SLP value increase?

The value of Smooth Love Potion is anticipated to increase by 2.53% and hit $ 0.003243 by October 27, 2022, according to our most recent price prediction.

Q. How much AXS is 1 SLP?

1 SLP = 0.000373 AXS

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