Anime Mod in Minecraft Pocket Edition

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Enliven the expansive blocky world by adding charming girls, forming friendships, or engaging in thrilling life-and-death battles with Anime Mod.

Name of Mod Anime Mod
Version(s) applicable 1.12.0 – 1.19.83

1.14.0 – 1.19.83

Category People Mods
Platform Android 


What is Anime Mod in Minecraft PE? 

Anime Mod in Minecraft Pocket Edition

The Anime Mod introduces mobs of anime girls that will captivate fans of comics and add an extra layer of excitement to Minecraft PE gameplay. With their diverse appearances and unique abilities, these girls bring a fresh and engaging experience to the game. Interacting with them can be an enjoyable experience, but players must remain cautious, as not all girls may greet them with a friendly handshake—some might unleash fireballs instead.

Furthermore, under Anime Mod there are two more mods, those are: cute mob models and waifus.

Cute Mob Models

It introduces beautiful animated girls to Minecraft PE, replacing existing mobs in the game. They can be found in swampy and forest biomes, as well as in the Nether. While they may appear cute and friendly, players should exercise caution as not all girls are amicable.

One notable hostile mob is the Ghast sister, a formidable opponent resembling a Blaze. With a health of 20 units, she attacks players and animals with fireballs. It’s important to note that these mobs are only visible in single-player mode and not in multiplayer mode.


This mod brings approximately 20 famous anime girls into Minecraft PE, offering a delightful addition to the game world that previously lacked female mobs. These girls can be tamed by presenting them with a mac flower, after which they will accompany the player and provide protection during adventurous travels.

A dedicated menu allows players to manage the girls by sitting next to them and holding the interaction button. From there, various actions can be selected, including viewing health levels, activating attack mode, or disabling the girl’s follow behavior.


The Anime Mod enriches the world of Minecraft PE with the presence of approximately 20 iconic anime girls. With their unique appearances and abilities, players can tame and be accompanied by these charming companions. Whether for protection or friendship, it offers an exciting and engaging addition to the Minecraft PE gameplay experience.