Among Us Board Games: Top 8 Board Games Like Among Us

Looking for Among Us board games? In this post, you will find some exciting games which are similar to Among Us. 

In the fascinating deception game Among Us, pretenders must kill out their fellow crew members covertly. Before it’s too late, the others must employ their sleuthing abilities. The game is frequently updated, and most recently, a brand-new, Easter-egg-filled airship map was added. In the game “Among Us,” players can have a lot of fun by continually doubting their companions.

But being Among Us isn’t the only way to feel suspicious and deceived. There are lots of great board games that make players wonder who they can trust. Every Among Us enthusiast can find a board game they enjoy, from the straightforward to the challenging.

6 Among Us Board Games 

Looking for Among Us board games? Check out our picks below.

1. Specter Ops

Specter Ops

Secret agents try to penetrate a dangerous facility in the stealth game Specter Ops. One of the players will attempt to elude the other players, who are brutally pursuing them. Similar to Among Us, the intruder must try to outsmart the gang in order to succeed.

Only when the hunters are in a direct line of sight can they see the intruder. Luckily, they have their own strategies to find the spy, such as a hovercar to travel quickly. With the help of Specter Ops, hide-and-seek is transformed into a thrilling game that benefits both sides. It’s just a shame there aren’t any accessible vents to leap into and run away from the situation.

2. Avalon: The Resistance

Avalon The Resistance

While switching to a mediaeval fantasy environment, Avalon: The Resistance preserves the popular deception concepts from the Among Us. Five quests must be attempted and completed by players. Sounds simple enough, but sadly, Mordred’s minions are buried deep inside their ranks. Before too many tasks fail, players must attempt to identify the good guys.

Like Among Us, Avalon is a game that is best played in big groups. Since participants are competing for everyone’s trust, the games can become quite tense. Players can also add other roles to improve the trickery involved in the game.

3. Secret Hitler

Another hidden role game where players must identify Hitler before ascending to power is Secret Hitler. Players choose a President and Chancellor each round, who will implement policies. Sadly, no player ever possesses all the necessary knowledge to determine who is who. The President’s influence increases as more fascist measures are passed, which might be problematic.

Secret Hitler necessitates frequent conversation, just like Among Us. Fascists must fabricate tales to justify the approval of awful policies. Liberals must work feverishly to prevent Hitler from becoming chancellor or risk losing the game. The rounds are quick but intense, and they amusingly foster a pervasive mistrust among pals.

4. One Night Ultimate Werewolf

One Night Ultimate Werewolf

A ten-minute game has been created from the traditional Werewolf party game. In this game, players must determine if the other players are villagers or werewolves and whether they themselves have unintentionally switched sides. Everyone is unaware of the details of the previous night’s events because they were all asleep throughout the first half of the game. After then, the participants have five minutes to talk, makeup stories, and question one another in an effort to identify the werewolves.

A wide range of player counts is compatible with this party game. Additionally, many expansions introduce new characters, including vampires, heroes, and aliens.

5. Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica

Check out Battlestar Galactica if you wish Among Us board games was a longer experience. Players must endeavour to save humanity while attempting to identify those who are actually Cylons. In this game, participants must perform a protracted con while slowly undermining the group’s efforts as they travel.

Understanding the game can be challenging. There are numerous special positions, skills, and obligations to fulfil. Games last for around two hours, but they give players a very immersive experience that makes them feel like show characters.

6. Nemesis

The sci-fi genre gets a serious dose of terror in Nemesis. The entire premise of Nemesis is around trying to purge a spaceship of deadly, unstoppable aliens that are much scarier than the imposters in Among Us. Each character possesses a special set of abilities that can aid them in their attempts to survive. With numerous goals to achieve, this game offers a lot of variety and will change everyone’s incentives. The players occasionally cooperate. Sometimes they want to turn on one another, though.

Nemesis is an expensive game, so it’s best to explore it and determine whether it’s a suitable fit before spending money on it. It is thrilling and wonderfully atmospheric. But it is really difficult and can be very harsh on players.


If you like Among Us, you can pick any of the above-mentioned board games and try them out. You can enjoy them with your friends and family at any time.

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