What is Alien Worlds? Best Tips and Tricks

Alien Worlds’ popularity increased in the weeks after its listing on Binance. We aimed to provide a single mention that would serve as a full introduction to Alien Worlds gaming characteristics and mechanisms because the MetaGreats writers are enthusiastic Alien Worlds miners. You must be eager to play this game at least once. To play and win, you must know the Alien Worlds’ tips and tricks. Continue reading to learn more.

What is Alien Worlds?

what is alien worlds

Alien Worlds is among the most popular blockchain-based gaming entrants, and it incorporates elements of both DeFi and NFT technologies to give players a unique, decentralized game.

It touts itself as an ‘NFT DeFi virtual environment that mimics economic competitiveness and player collaboration.’ People compete for and collect TLM tokens during gaming, allowing them to manage and unlock more gameplay aspects through competing for Decentralised Autonomous Organizations (Planet DAOs).

NFTs are digital in-game goods that players may acquire and use to mine Trillium, battle, and participate in missions. They may buy and build NFTs that best suit their playing style, as well as engage in platform governance by electing the Councillors of six unique Planet DAOs, which influences the game’s direction.

TLM, like its blockchain-based game competitors Binamon, Axie Infinity, and My DeFi Pet, can be used to generate passive money through staking.

How Does Alien Worlds Work?

Here’s an explanation of how Alien Worlds works. The game has an engaging backstory that acts as the foundation for the gameplay. According to the official website, the game is about escaping Earth’s imminent epidemic. The Federation, which comprises the great majority of Bitcoin’s smart population, received signals from an extraterrestrial culture, which led to the discovery.

The group traveled through a wormhole, collecting Trillium along the way. As the game proceeded, six planets were established on the Alliance of Alien Worlds, with humans vying for resources.

Tokens in the game include lands, monsters, and armament. The most valuable NFT in this video game is LAND. You can mine commodities and get awards if you own an NFT land. Land NFTs in the video game symbolize pieces of land that may be farmed or auctioned off. When you lease out things that you have acquired, you are paid a commission.

Equipment is segmented in the digital realm as well. To mine materials, you must first gather the appropriate tools, which will speed up and simplify the process. To begin mining digital items, you must first choose a planet. You must next choose a property plot to rent or buy from the owner based on your preferences. It’s also possible that newbies start with spades and move up. Moreover, after each usage, gadgets require a specific amount of time to charge.

Alien Worlds Game Basics

alien worlds basics


Alien Worlds, like other cryptocurrency games, use NFT technology to enable players to engage with one-of-a-kind virtual items. To acquire access to some special capabilities, users may be forced to pay for non-fungible tokens. They can also sell acquired NFTs for cash.


Additionally, the system allows customers to stake digital assets. Users may participate in governance and decision-making by staking the native cryptocurrency, Trillium. Staking increases liquidity in the cryptocurrency game by allowing participants to earn incentives.

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

Alien Worlds is an autonomous, decentralized organization. A community, instead of a centralized body, controls a decentralized autonomous organization. DAO platforms promote system inclusion and decentralization. Community members can submit proposals, vote for candidates, and decide how to distribute the riches of the game.

Game Cards

This software also employs cards, allowing users to develop their methods. According to the main site, users may enjoy the gameplay by purchasing NFTs cards from Binance or WAX. These cards are useful in battle, mining, and missions.

How to Play Alien Worlds?

Here is the Alien Worlds gaming guide. First and foremost, you must create a WAX account. You may start playing Alien Worlds once you’ve established an Alien Worlds profile. After that, you choose a name that will be displayed while playing.

After you’ve created your account, the next step is to choose a planet. You can choose whatever planet you like, and you may change it at any time because it is merely a temporary place. When you select your plant, you are transported to the mining core, where you will live for the next 10 years.

A mining hub is a site where mining operations are carried out. You could see your mining tools and landing NFTs in the middle. You should be able to locate a free shovel NFT in your weapons because newbies are given spades. Alien Worlds is a mining game that requires you to dig for prizes. To start mining, go to the mining center and select “mine.”

You’ll get some tokens and possibly an NFT if you mine for a while. It’s reasonable to think that landscapes differ, and as a result, some individuals value digital stuff more than others. If you lease property to mine on, you must pay a portion of your profits to the landlord.

Alien Worlds Tips and Tricks

alien worlds game tips and tricks

To win a game, you must have some tips and tricks in your account. This will help you get an edge over the opponents. Like every other game, you can also beat the game with some tips and tricks. To find Alien Worlds tips and tricks, you can watch this YouTube clip. 

What Does Staking TLM Do in Alien Worlds?

Alien Worlds participants can invest TLM in Planet DAOs. That’s how they can assist a planet in receiving more daily TLM payouts. Players obtain voting rights by staking TLM on a planet in proportion to the quantity of TLM staked. Players may compete for a seat as a councilor on one or more worlds.


Alien Worlds is a 7-planet digital world game that exists on the WAX, Ethereum, and Binance Smart Chain blockchain platforms. At its heart is the concept of not one, but six competing DAOs.

The game uses non-fungible tokens, and players mine for the game’s cryptocurrency Trillium, which is comparable to the popular Axie Infinity game currency AXS. After that, both currencies can be exchanged for fiat cash. The goal is to achieve planetary dominance through staking and acquiring access to higher-value characteristics.

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