Best 6 Player Board Games

Looking for the best 6-player board games? Check them out in this post.

Playing board games with friends and family is one of the most pleasurable things you can do in your free time. As a result, we’ve put together a thorough list of the top board games for six players that are ideal for game nights where your particular collection of friends equals six.

There is nothing more annoying than having an excessive number of people show up to play The Game of Life. Many of the well-known board games you find hidden away on your board game rack only support a limited handful of players.

You need something that will engage everyone if you’re having a larger family event or inviting friends over for beer and cocktails.

The top 10 board games for six players have been selected after a thorough search of the internet and our shelves. 

Best 6 Player Board Games

Check out our list of the top 10 board games for six players available right now.

1. Codenames


Our selection of six-player board games kicks off with an entertaining party game from Czech Games Edition. In the game Codenames, you and your teammates must coordinate to reach out to each of your agents before the opposing side has a chance to do the same. It is one of the best 6-player board games on the market.

The 25 spies’ covert identities are known by two rival spymasters, and it falls to the field operator to decipher the codenames! The wording on each card will be discussed verbally by the spymasters. Based on these cues, field agents will make educated assumptions, and whether they are correct or incorrect, they will either build their way toward revealing all of their color-coded agents or aid the opposing team in revealing theirs. When all of the agents on one team have been recognized, the game is over.

The game of Codenames is straightforward and will be simple to explain to a bigger group of players. There is no reason to worry about lengthy setup procedures because you will be ready to play within two minutes. One drawback is that you do need to be patient between turns, so this might not be appropriate for smaller children who could easily grow bored.

2. Colt Express Super Express Board Game

Colt Express Super Express Board Game

Colt Express is the next board game for six players that we adore. In Colt Express, your goal is to escape the train with all the money while using your special skills to outwit your rivals as they attempt to do the same to emerge as the last bandit standing.

The final wagon and everyone on it are taken out of the game after every round in this game, which is appropriate for those ages 8 and up.

We adored this board game’s inventiveness and thought all of its components were enjoyable. The good news is that because the game moves quickly, eliminated players won’t have much time to waste.

Keep in mind that some of the cards had a printing problem that was reported by reviewers and corrected by including a replacement pack. It is one of the best 6-player board games on the market.

3. King of Tokyo: New Edition Board Game

King of Tokyo

King of Tokyo is a video game where you can play as deformed monsters, raging robots, or repulsive aliens. It’s for monster-loving geeks.

As you stomp your way to triumph, you can decide whether to engage in combat, cure injuries, enhance your monster, or plan. Ages eight and up are recommended for each game, which lasts about 30 minutes.

This game is fantastic to play in tiny doses and is essential for parents of young children. This will be quite enjoyable for both children and adults and will be a terrific way to pass the time.

This would be a great board game to start with if you have an evening planned because we did discover that the fun wears off if you play numerous rounds in a row.

4. Betrayal At House On The Hill Second Edition

Betrayal At House On The Hill Second Edition

The six-player board game Betrayal at House on the Hill is another popular option. It is one of the best 6-player board games on the market. This prestigious experience approaches the horror genre from a novel perspective. As you construct a haunted house to survive it, you are either a monster or a survivor.

This board game offers a lot of replayability with more than 50 scenarios to pick from, with up to 44 tiles holding new and terrifying monsters for you to discover.

We thought the idea was novel, and the whole game was entertaining. Each game may be tailored for a specific amount of time, and if you want to be even more strategic in your replay, there is even a cooperative component.

Just keep in mind that some of the subjects can be fairly explicit and might not be appropriate for younger children.

5. 7 Wonders Board Game New Edition

Time to travel back in time and take control of one of the seven most important cities from antiquity. In this captivating empire-building game, gather resources, expand trade, and bolster your military power.

It is one of the best 6-player board games on the market. The winner is chosen based on the number of victories in war and the points on their cards. The supreme board game that is entertaining and instructive!

We adored 7 Wonders and discovered that playing it kept our nerdy side entertained. The boards are well made, the cards are a decent size, and it is simple to set up.

It does take some time to become acclimated to the game’s regulations, so make sure you read them all before starting.

6. Twilight Imperium 4th Edition Board Game

This marathon board game experience from Fantasy Flight Games is not for the weak-hearted. The races and planets have undergone significant alterations and upgrades in the fourth edition, which was published in 2017.

With more than 40 pages of instructions for a game that is all about strategy, be prepared to sit down and play this on a Saturday afternoon.

This board game is perfect for you if you enjoy science fiction and the idea of taking part in a cosmic conquest.

A normal game can last between four and eight hours, which will either attract to those with the time to immerse themselves in the world of board games or turn off those seeking a quick game to pass the time.

7. A Game of Thrones Boardgame Second Edition

It is one of the best 6-player board games on the market. You must add this to your collection if you enjoy the Game of Thrones book or television series.

The goal of the game is to lead a house of Westeros to seize the Iron Throne through diplomacy and violence as the territories are up for grabs.

In this captivating board game inspired by the world established by George R.R. Martin, you can forge alliances, destroy them, and eventually win.

Once you get involved in this, alliances can be shattered, and fighting can make or break friendships. It’s a lot of fun and can take up to 4 hours to complete the first time.

8. Between Two Cities

Between Two Cities

Here is another historical game that takes place in the 1800s, before the globe was industrialized and built in the way it is now.

You assume the position of a city planner who must create two distinct cities while making sure they are all livable because you will be graded on both.

This game is special since it may be played alone, yet we still advise playing together with a group.

We enjoyed the dynamic of deciding who would be the chief designer and who would administer each city when there were six players—three on each team.

You won’t spend hours on the same team because the game is brief. However, we wouldn’t advise this choice for experienced players who might lose interest in basic game concepts.

9. Mysterium Park Board Game

Welcome to Mysterium Park, home to cotton candy, wild circus thrills, and a lot of mysterious things. Nothing will get you excited if that doesn’t!

The investigation begins as you solve the mystery of this ghostly fair, and the plot centers on a director who has vanished.

As you try to figure out what happened, one player assumes the role of the ghost, and the other players assume the role of physics.

The 1-versus-all format makes this cooperative game enjoyable, in our opinion. Each game lasts for about 30 minutes, and there are enjoyable moments when you play as the ghost or psychic.

We enjoyed the fact that there are several ways to win the game, which keeps it interesting and fun. We do advise playing with six players, as any fewer can make the game tedious.

10. Dixit Board Game

With Dixit, the classic storytelling game, it’s time to let your fantasies run wild. Each round, a player will choose a card and then must come up with a clue that is related to the card.

The winner is the one who most closely resembles the narrative. You can play this game for hours if you’re imaginative because there are 84 cards with unique artwork.

This one is excellent for children and anyone new to board games. It’s simple to pick up, simple to use, and enjoyable to do.

Since there aren’t as many slang terms as in games like Cards Against Humanity, it’s also perfect for non-native English speakers. Those looking for anything with strategy, though, are likely to become disinterested shortly.